What drew me to Wedding Photography

What drew me to Wedding Photography, or perhaps the question should be: what drew me to photography in the first place.

I have loved photography for as long as I can remember. Probably going back to my early teens when I got my first “real” camera. It was so cool, interchangeable lenses and off camera flash (with a long cord of course). Back then I had no idea what I was doing, so I just played.

A number of years and a number of cameras later I was asked to shoot my first wedding. I remember thinking yeah, how hard can it be? Looking back, how wrong I was.

Later, I decided to undertake tertiary education in photography and art. It was really at that point I discovered my true passion: Black & White. I’d always played around on the edges of this medium, set up a make shift darkroom, made a few prints but never processed my own film. At Uni all that changed. I learned different processing techniques, how to make a fine art print in the darkroom, lighting and composition. This period really challenged my perception of what the art of photography really was, along with an in-depth study of the history of art and photography.

Now, where is all this leading? Wedding photography. Why do I do it?

Easy, I love it. I enjoy everything about weddings, the emotions, the fun, the story, your story, told through images. Color, Black & White, both mediums to tell the story of your day. I think Black and White has emotion and engagement all of it’s own, lets the viewer look into the photograph without the distractions color can have. Don’t get me wrong, color certainly has it’s place in the art world (where would we be without it), all paintings are color. In the photography world however, we have a choice, and for you, this means you get the best in photographic art. What I feel is honest, real and engaging.

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