Why I love wedding photography

This is my why…   Why I do what I do and what it means for you.

Ansel Adams once said ” you don’t take a photograph, you make it”. I think this statement is true and I live it every time I pick up a camera. It’s not just clicking the shutter, but the process that goes into making a photograph, from the initial capture through to the finished print. My heart and soul goes into my art, I love what I do and care deeply about it. Like painters through the years, who have been creating art and using colour and light to evoke feeling and emotion in their work, from the soft landscapes of Britain and Europe to the harsh bright colours of Australia captured so beautifully by artists such as Frederick McCubbin and Tom Roberts. They all lived what the did. In photography we have a choice to use different mediums and I like to use both colour and B&W to give a complete story of your day. I to, want my work to engage and be a statement of the couple’s personality and love for each other. From portraits, candids, the in between and detail shots. Everything that happens during the day.

People often ask me why I chose photography. Well, to use a well-known phrase, I didn’t, I was drawn to it. I’ve always loved the creative arts and I love being part of the photography profession, been part of it for almost 30 years now. I started photographing professionally back in the early 1990’s and then decided to undertake tertiary education in photography. Back then it was all film. Things have changed massively over that time but I still have an affinity with film and always will and I use it regularly. I love to create. Creating art my clients will be proud of, engage, and connect with. I enjoy working with people who are comfortable with themselves and not afraid to step outside their comfort zone to create art.

I’ve always been drawn to wedding photography. Every wedding is unique and everybody has different ideas about wedding photography and what it means to them. To me, a wedding is a monumental event in people’s lives and I love being a photographer, capturing a family’s special day. I am totally committed to my craft and take great pleasure creating artwork for people, providing you with beautiful memories of your day to share and look back on for decades to come.

I practice regularly and I love to learn, always have. When I’m not photographing for clients, I shoot personal assignments which allows me continually update my skills and even though I have always had a strong affinity with film I keep up to date with new processes and technology.

In the end, it’s all about the art, impeccable service and top quality products. I always expect the best from myself and provide the best for my clients.

Working with me is easy and it all starts with a conversation, so let’s start, we can connect here, email me directly at or call me on I am available worldwide and I love to travel. I cannot wait to go to wherever your love story takes you.